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Anti-reflection Coatings

Key Features 

• Unsurpassed AR at affordable prices 

• Low reflectance (<0.1% brightness) 

• Highly durable coatings 

• Controlled reflected color and transmission 


• Avionics displays 

• Touch screens 

• Ruggedized displays 

• Digital signage & kiosks 

• GPS displays 

• Handheld instruments 

• Medical displays 

MAC Thin Films antireflective (AR) coatings form the building blocks for higher performing displays by offering crisp images, bright colors, unparalleled viewability, and glare reduction. 

These coatings were initially used on the windows of the two-man Gemini spacecraft in 1964, and they were employed on all subsequent NASA manned spacecraft from Apollo to the Space Shuttle program. 

MAC Thin Films AR coatings cover the entire spectrum of AR product needs. For exacting performance, we recommend ultra-high-efficiency (UHEA) coating, with photopic brightness of <0.1 percent photopic reflection. For demanding performance with competitive pricing, our HEA coating, with photopic brightness of <0.2 percent photopic reflection, is the solution. 

MAC Thin Films UHEA and HEA coatings are manufactured using rare & optically unique dielectric materials that are thermally evaporated and vacuum deposited, providing exceptional performance and high durability. Environmental attributes for each coating are referenced in MIL-C-675C and MIL-C-14806A.